The Practice


Connecting – to create a place of safety and trust where everyone participates:

  • Using mindfulness to help us connect with our deeper and more authentic selves.
  • Sharing personal stories from this authentic place (with transparency and vulnerability) to establish the foundations for our shared humanity.

Exploring – to deepen mutual understanding:

  • Using art in the form of poems, readings or music to help catalyze the exploration.
  • Using mindfulness to deepen this exploration.
  • Using simple techniques, like sharing in sequence, without interrupting or ‘rehearsing,’ to promote full participation.
  • Using fundamental skills, like active listening, and skilled vulnerability to deepen mutual understanding and appreciation of differences.

Discovering – to generate new shared understanding and meaning:

  • Holding the tension of differences that surface in the exploring stage to generate new shared understanding.
  • Listening FOR and giving voice to this new meaning that surfaces in the form of insights or images, and building new and often surprising – agreements
  • Determining next steps, individually and/or together to create momentum.