Becoming a WE again will first require that we learn how to connect deeply with our truest selves and with each other. We begin this journey by sharing our stories from a place of centered vulnerability. We then learn to listen more deeply to each other to better understand each other’s fears and concerns. As we forge this deeper understanding, we experience an emerging sense of wholeness and belonging.

Mindfulness-Dialogue is both teachable and accessible. It brings together two practices: Mindfulness – which is essentially about presence (through attention), and Dialogue – which is essentially about interaction (through connecting, exploring and discovering). When these elements are brought together, participants are changed from being mere passive and dispassionate observers, to active, ennobled participants in the emergence of new shared meaning as the foundation for justice. This actively engaged and deeper consciousness is the key to a renewed humanity for it enables us to see the world and others more clearly and begin the healing journey of becoming a WE again.