WE Offerings


A New Global WE Offerings

This is OUR sacred global gathering space where we bring our best selves and gifts to connect deeply so that we may create a New Global WE. It is important we hear from EVERYONE, no wallflowers! Please take a “passport-style” selfie and send it, along with a short 1 minute video, on any of the themes described below.

Kindred Spirits: We want to know you! Send us a clip and give us a glimpse of your story.  In a minute, answer the question, “How am I a Kindred Spirit?”

Spirit Moves:  What are the new initial insights, ideas, and inspirations that are emerging as you tune in to the Spirit Gathering YouTube channel –  tell us about them!

Distilled Spirits: Tell us a story of how you are practicing being a WE in your local communities.

Free Spirits: How else are you telling our WE story? – poetry, spoken word, visual arts creations, performance arts –  please share them to help us create the emerging story of being a WE.

Spirit Rituals: Please share the rituals that help you be your true self.   

One in Spirit: We want stories of Interbeing in your daily lives – eg. My Octopus Teacher…an extreme example.

Spirit Child:   Let’s hear stories from our youth, from the threads they are following! This is our special kids corner.